Q. Where can I watch my student’s concert or game?

A. You can watch our live broadcasts here or on Amazon and Roku!


Q. Can I still order a dvd?

A. Yes. While we are trying to be a more green company by encouraging digital downloads, We still offer past DVD’s from 2018-2019 and earlier back to the late 1990’s. You can order a past DVD by filling out this form.


Q. do you broadcast playoff games?

A. Yes, but you will need a subscription and watch through our NFHS page.


Q. How Long will broadcasts be on Demand available for download?

A. They will remain available for download for the remainder of the school year.


Q. If I have a large DVD order, should I fill out the form multiple times?

A. No. Please contact us. Send us an email with the DVDs you would like to purchase. Include the name of the concert, year, specify fall/spring semester, and quantity. We will coordinate the rest.


Q. Can I watch a previous morning show?

A. Yes. We will upload a few current Morning Shows on our On Demand page. So if you miss the announcements or are off campus, you can still know what’s going on at school!”